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4 Reasons ‘RSF Improve’ is Different From Every Gym You’ve Ever Trained In

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Glasgow’s newest training facility opened its doors today and we wanted to tell you a bit about what sets us apart from the rest.

We’re calling ‘oor new hoose’ the gym for people who hate gyms and here’s why:

1) We’re a community

99.9% of gyms around the world are what I like to call ‘pay to walk through the door’ gyms.

You pay your membership every month and all you get for that cash is entry to the facility. No one talks to you and you feel totally isolated workout after workout.

We like to think we’re at the opposite end of the scale.

Everyone in our place gets greeted by name and asked how they’re doing by coaches who legitimately give a shit.

Not only do we take an interest in our members, we also ensure that all of our memberships include coaching, nutritional guidance & support, accountability, weekly reviews, in-house seminars, FREE COFFEE!!!!, and a bunch of other stuff that the ‘big box gyms’ just can’t match.

2) We have no mirrors


Although seemingly innocuous, having no mirrors is a major factor in what sets us apart from the rest.

We’re acutely aware that the lion’s share of you would rather poke yourselves in the eyeballs with junkie’s needles than spend a prolonged period of time in front a mirror…on a good day.

Let alone when you’re hot and sweaty with all of your wobbly bits wobbling.

So we decided not to have any (except for the changing rooms…we don’t want you leaving looking like the Joker from Batman).

This means that you can get on with your workouts in blissful ignorance of what you look like and simply focus on improving, as opposed to fearing which direction to turn next to avoid the nearest reflective surface.

3) Every session you do will be coached

“What the hell do I do?” is an uber-common question in gyms.

Let’s be honest, once you’ve signed up, had your induction and you’re let loose onto the
gym-confusiongym floor only about 3.4% of people
actually know what they’re doing.

The rest potter around aimlessly, copy other people or just pound away on the cross trainer.

We’re looking to change the way fitness is delivered by ensuring that every time someone walks through our doors they are working with a coach.

Whether that’s on a 1-to-1 basis, in our Semi-Private Coaching program or in our Team Training program, there will never be a time one of our crew has to scratch their head for ideas.

4) We’ve got no treadmills


The most popular question we’ve received thus far has been: “Do you have any treadmills?”

Our answer is a resounding “no”.

We find treadmills as boring as you do and far prefer to warm our crew up with mobility drills, core work and bodyweight movements.

As for our ‘interval training’, our coaches are way too experienced and knowledgable to have to rely on treadmills for the conditioning elements of their programs.

We’ve got a variety of sleds, ropes and other functional training equipment that do the job in a far superior (and more fun) fashion than stationary cardio kit.

Your brain will be tested just as much as your body and you’ll be smiling the whole time.

We guarantee it – well, kinda 😉


If our hoose sounds like the answer to your health and fitness problems, click get in touch with us and we’ll have a chat with you to figure out how we can best help you.

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