Athletic Development @ Improve Glasgow

Although 90% of our members are non-athletes who are just looking to get fitter, stronger and leaner, we also train a number of amateur and professional athletes.

They put in the hours in their respective sports (some up to twice per day) and come to us a few times per week to work on becoming better athletes.

Our aim with our athletes is always to improve their movement – thus making them less likely to get injured. And to work on their speed, strength and power.

Regardless of the sport you participate in, becoming a better athlete will always help improve your performances.

That said, without the skills you’ll never be good at the sport.

So build a solid technical foundation within your chosen sport by making sure you’re training with the best coaches and training partners possible.

Hone those skills relentlessly, and look to supplement your skills-based training with some athletic development.

You’ll be amazed at the difference.

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