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‘Ruth the Truth’: Why We Invested in the Best Scales on the Market

  Bathroom scales and measuring tapes just weren’t cutting the mustard for us at Improve Glasgow, so we invested in the best body composition analyser on the market… The Inbody 270 ‘Ruth the Truth’, as we appropriately named ‘her’, allows our members to accurately test and track their bodyweight, muscle mass and body fat (amongst other measurables). […]

Making Fitness Fun with MYZONE

What allows you to accurately track your effort levels in the gym (and also indirectly lets you know that you’re pregnant)? MYZONE! It’s one of the ‘cool tools’ we use at Improve to help keep our members accountable and also to ensure that they’re training is as tailored to them as individuals as possible. In […]

Lessons Learned From 2 Years of Gym Ownership

Two years ago today I got the keys for what is now Improve Glasgow. At the time of opening, we were predominantly a 1-to-1 Personal Training business, with two coaches (one being myself) and an intern. We decided to open our own place because we simply felt that we could no longer deliver the level […]

“I Don’t Know What I’m Doing.”

“I don’t know what I’m doing.” This is the most common answer to my question: “What do you do when you go to the gym?” Most people tell me they do some cardio, some people tell me they play around in the weights room. But no one I speak to seems to know exactly how […]