Fraser L P - Edited
Get Fit For 50 (Fraser’s Journey)

After lounging too much during lockdown, Fraser joined Improve to lose fat and get fit. …

Lee’s Lost a Legendary 5 Stone in 14 months

When we first spoke, Lee was unhappy with the direction his life was heading.

He was approaching his mid-40’s and after losing his dad far too early to ill-health, he wanted to turn his life around to ensure he didn’t meet a similar fate.

In little over a year, he’s transitioned from fearing a heart-attack and being intimidated by gyms to becoming on of our most consistent performers.

How To Lose 20 Kilos (Over 3 Stone), Like Victoria

In just 12 months, our Victoria has lost 20kg, run multiple 10k’s, and walked the West Highland Way. 

She’s walked the walk (literally), now she’s here to talk the talk.

Below, Victoria shares the lessons from her journey thus far.

How Much Fitness is Enough?

Every new fad promises results in 6 weeks, and uses completely unsustainable ‘all or nothing’ methods to get you there. 

At Improve, our approach is uniquely designed to fit around the lives of busy professionals.

What to Eat to Look Slimmer in your Swimmers

We believe you don’t have to go to extremes for the body of your dreams.

Check out our latest article for sensible and sustainable nutrition advice.

Portion Control Guide by Precision Nutrition

Struggling with nutrition?

Check out Precision Nutrition’s portion control infographic to help keep you right.

Improve Glasgow
How to 5x your weight loss (and keep it off)

Be a hare, not a tortoise.

Advice spouted by most coaches is that slow and steady wins the weight loss race. That, however, isn’t true.

Improve Glasgow
What to do when you are hungry and on a diet

Hungry, peckish, famished, Hank Marvin – you know the feeling, right?

But what does that deep belly growl of yours want? Do you have to listen to it? And, most importantly, how do you control it?

These are the questions we’ll answer today

5 Ways You Can Improve Your Fitness During Lockdown

January is the month where the whole world has a look at their fitness and decides to make a change.

For many, they are fresh off a few weeks of festive feasting and it is now time to get back to normality.

Improve Glasgow
Why You Don’t Need Motivation to be Motivated About Your Fitness

One of the things I have learned is how many Improvers are struggling with the motivation to get back into their fitness routines after the COVID forced the gym to temporarily close.

Riding The Evolution Halfpipe to Weight Loss Success

The good news is if you’re brave enough to choose the evolutionary route, there’s a systematic journey to follow, and that’s what we’re discussing today.

3 Strategies for Healthier Snacking

A snack is any food or drink that is consumed outside of your planned meal times.

What is the key word here?