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Congratulations, Abhi – Bowler of the Year!

Another huge congrats to our old friend Abhi who won Bowler of The Year from the Western District Cricket Union.
Abhi trained with us for most of last year, up until her got a new job and had to move away from Glasgow (boo!).

What’s interesting about Abhi is that his best ever season, performance-wise, came in the last year of his career.When most athletes are winding down and clinging on to their first team places based on experience and past glory, Abhi performed better than ever.

As soon as he started ‘proper’ strength training, the wickets started tumbling.

He was bowling faster, more consistently and was able to maintain his pace throughout entire matches; making him a nightmare for batsmen.

This picture of him is telling as it shows the work he put in behind the scenes to positively affect his performances.

As much as he carried his trademark smile throughout his sessions with us, he certainly wasn’t afraid of hard graft.

We miss you, mate.

Pack in that job and get yourself back to Glasgow

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