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Coach Ally Goes All In On Improve By Accepting Full-Time Coaching Role


We’re absolutely delighted to announce that, as of next month, Ally McGinnigle will be coaching full time and exclusively at Improve Glasgow.

14993318_10157659921500237_2459214303842909787_nAlly has been with us for the past two years, since the RSF days, and has been absolutely instrumental in helping us push our gym to where it is today.

His taste in music is abysmal and constantly leaves stuff lying at his arse, but he’s one of the top Personal Trainers around and we’re lucky to have him.

We have some team, with myself (Ross), Rachel Merrigan and Ally, and I’m buzzing to see how far we can push this wee boat out.

Our goal is to leave an indelible mark on the Scottish fitness industry and we really couldn’t ask for a better team to help me do just that.

Here’s what Ally had to say about it:

“So…. Time to share with the internets that as of December I will be full time with IMPROVE GLAGOW with Ross Stewart and Rachel Merrigan.

Gutted to be leaving Crossfit East Kilbride, but honoured to have been part of their journey and success, which I’m sure will continue for many years to come. Such a fantastic 2 and a half years there and you’ll fill ‘Casper Fridays’ easily.

As for Improve, it’s time to build this empire beyond measure.

We’re going to continue changing the way Personal Training is perceived in this country, developing ourselves and many others around us at the same time.”

…oh, and that’s Mona, our new gym dug

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