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“Does It Work?”

Does it work-

We get asked this question a lot whenever people stumble upon us.

Maybe they see an advert for one of our programmes, see photos/videos of our sessions or speak to someone who trains with us.

No one’s ever sure about anything in fitness because, after all, the industry is a minefield of contradictions and confusion.

But here’s the bottom line:

Nothing works if you don’t and anything works if you do.


If you run 6x per week and do Slimming World (or similar), you’ll lose weight.

If you do spin classes and Weight Watchers, you’ll lose weight.

If you start training with us and take on board our nutritional advice, you’ll lose weight.

“How come there’s no difference?”

There is a difference; I’ll get to that.

But at base level all you have to do to lose weight is burn more calories than you consume.

Not for a day, just during the week or for a couple of weeks.

You have to be consistent over a long period of time. (Of course, this is dependant on how much weight you’d like to lose.)

So anything that involves you moving more and eating less will ‘work’.


“But what’s the difference and what makes you guys the bestest?”

Other than our dashing good looks (I joke), we look at the weight loss process a little differently than most.

In the simplest possible terms, the ‘toned’/‘defined’ look most people desire is achieved by building muscle.

Everyone wants to feel more powerful, confident, stronger; and that’s achieved through…well…achieving stuff.

Lifting more weight, doing something for longer or faster than you did before.

And everyone wants to be healthy – reduce chances of disease, improve balance/coordination and basically just have a good set of heart and lungs so that walking around, playing with kids or competing in sport feels easier.

Additionally, everyone wants to be able to eat what they want and (for the most part) enjoy a few social bevies now and again.

So we design our programmes to cover all bases.

We get our peeps stronger through coaching ‘big lifts’ that use the whole body, and we gradually creep the weight they lift up and up as their confidence, technique and ability improve.

We help build muscle with what we call ‘accessory work’, which is a fancy way of saying ‘exercises that target specific body parts’.

We help our peeps burn fat by getting them hot and sweaty with different interval-style parts of their session, and by working with them on the nutrition front.


In terms of diet, we look to education rather than dictate.

Guidelines are great at the start, but as people progress and learn more about nutrition, weight loss and themselves they can then start to make their own decisions and alter their own diet without us having to do much.

Simply put, our nutrition coaching method is summed up in this quote:

“Catch a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime”

The umbrella over all of those points is our collective experience.

Between us coaches we’ve got around 20 years of experience in Personal Training.

Whilst that doesn’t automatically make us brilliant, what it does mean is that whoever you are and whatever your circumstances are, we’ve no doubt trained someone similar to you in the past.

That means our chances of failure with you are a lot slimmer, because whatever mistakes there are to make we made them earlier on in our careers.


So, in the simplest possible terms…

Yes, what we do does work.

One hundred times out of one hundred…

If you show up and do the work.

If not, regardless of what you choose to do, it’s just never going to happen for you.

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