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Get Fit For 50 (Fraser’s Journey)

Fraser L P - Edited

After lounging too much during lockdown, Fraser joined Improve to lose fat and get fit. 

12 months later, he’s trained over 200 times, lost ~8% body fat and gained ~4 kilograms of muscle.

His shoulders don’t fit into his old shirts and his triceps are bursting his t-shirts.

All hugely positive (minus the unplanned new wardrobe expense)!

How did Fraser achieve these results?

We asked and he delivered. His thoughtful and inspiring response can be summed up with this: 

“Consistency is key”…even when times are tough.

Every day wasn’t sunshine and gainbows for Fraser.

He’s faced “tricky times at home” and “at various points, [felt] it would have been very easy to push training to the bottom of the pile of things to do.”

Can you relate? 

If yes, here’s his advice to make sure that exercise (and your health) stays a priority even during testing times:

“Don’t let training be the first thing to go out the window when your day is going badly.

Do the best you can when you are there, whatever your “best” means on the day.

Make small habit changes stick – they will add up to big improvements over time.

Everything else will follow naturally from that!”


Excuse me while I retrieve the mic from the floor.

In our experience, a bad day often means gym-goers throw the barbell out with the bathwater.

They don’t realise that a ‘bare-minimum’ workout is better than waiting for a ‘perfect’ one.

As the cliché goes:

“Consistently good is better than occasionally great”.

So, for Fraser, it’s clear that consistency is key.

But how do our members actually achieve consistency?

1. See The Bright Side 

“I always feel better after training – I find it de-stressing and I get a real sense of achievement.”


After most sessions at Improve we hear our members say they “feel so much better” than they did when they came in*. 

As a coaching team, this is our primary objective.

Sure, helping people change their lives for the better is amazing, but that comes later on and is always built upon the foundation of making people feel better for an hour at a time.

The bottom line is, when you focus on the benefits of exercise, it becomes a no-brainer to do it.

After all, no one regrets a workout.

But we’d bet there are many who regret not taking their health more seriously, particularly as the years tick by.

*Author’s note: It makes my day when Improvers say this.

2. Make Progress And Enjoy The Journey

“Success and enjoyment in training is helping to drive a good diet, which in turn is supporting successful training, and so on.”


The most consistent members at Improve are those who make progress and enjoy exercise.

And, whilst we’re the first to admit that catching a unicorn is a simpler task than enjoying every session and making progress every month, the aim is to get results with a smile.

If you aren’t doing that, it’s important to ask why.

What more (or less) could you do to get results? What could you do (or change) to enjoy exercise?

If you manage to tick both of these boxes, a beautiful and perpetual cycle begins and your results will compound and compound and compound.

Bring it home, Fraser…

Fraser shared a final point on consistency:


“There is a huge benefit in having the combined input of the Improve team, each of whom brings something different to coaching, and who very much listen to you as an individual and coach you in that way.”


Fraser’s journey thus far has been inspirational, particularly for those not necessarily focussed on weight loss and with busy professional and home lives.

Excuses to skip sessions and let his consistency slide have been abundant, but he’s skipped past them and made sure he’s taken the time to make a positive deposit in his health’s bank account.

Those deposits are still compounding and we’re very much looking forward to continuing to support Fraser as he pushes on.

If Fraser’s journey has got your motivation juices flowing, we’d love to chat to you.

Click the link below and schedule a quick chat where we can get to know you better and start fleshing out a plan of attack for you to kick on with:

(P.S. We offer a full no-results-no-fee money-back guarantee on our 30 Day Trial, so you’ve literally got nothing to lose but body fat and ill-fitting clothes.)

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