Start with your very own 28 Day Kickstart

£99 - No Strings

Everyone starts their journey at Improve (the friendliest gym in town) with your 28 Day Kickstart.

We understand the Personal Training market is a tricky one to navigate and that it’s hard to decide what, where and/or who is right for your needs based on websites, recommendations, and the odd workout.

(we even get asked all the time: “will it be a bunch of kids throwing dumbbells, shouting and taking pictures in the mirrors?!”)

Note: our AVERAGE member age is 38 so “TickyTok” accounts in the room are exactly zero!

Anyway, this is why we created a risk-free trial period where you get full access to every single thing our full-time members get, including:

Up to 6 Personal Training sessions
(focus on you and your results only – never doing something you’re not ready for)

Access to our large group classes
(get those extra calories burned and muscles worked in our group classes including HIIT, BoxHIIT and super-popular Gun Club) *Our class timetable may have to change in the short term post-COVID*

Nutritional support, education, and guidance
(accelerate results with the right nutrition for YOUR goals – simple nutrition habits anyone can adopt, even when cooking for a family)

Access to our award-winning team of Personal Trainers
(always on hand to answer your questions, keep you motivated and hold you accountable to the results you want)

2x Inbody body composition analysis
(highest tech analysis of your pre-trial and post trial progress)

Our Nutrition E-Books
(including many of the most popular family meals, made even more tasty and yet in line with your goals)

…without you having to commit to us long-term.

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