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How To Lose 20 Kilos (Over 3 Stone), Like Victoria


How To Lose 20 Kilos (Over 3 Stone), Like Victoria

In just 12 months, our Victoria has lost 20 kilos, ran multiple 10k’s, and walked the West Highland Way.

She’s walked the walk (literally), now she’s here to talk the talk.

Below, Victoria shares the lessons from her journey thus far.

Victoria’s journey wasn’t a walk in Mugdock park

“The hardest part was changing my behaviour and my routine.”

Sound familiar? 

Perhaps you’ve done this in the past when you tried a low carb diet… but couldn’t see past the pasta. Or you tried to train a few times, but couldn’t cram it in your chokka schedule.

As Victoria said, it’s hard to change behaviour and routine. But, as she shows, change only comes with… well, change.

So, what behaviour and routine changes are important to focus on for weight loss?

Gleaned from Victoria’s journey and our over three decades of experience, we believe that these are the three most important changes to make:

  1. Focusing on quality over quantity 
  2. Creating a sustainable routine 
  3. Accountability; both from others and to yourself

Once you have these things in place, your weight loss journey will be much easier. 

Let’s dive in…

Focus on Quality rather than QUANTITY

The best advice Victoria received from our coaches has been “…quality, not quantity”.

It’s common to feel you need to train every day to get results. Maybe you got results doing that in the past, but that was when you were at university (or high school) with no bills or weans to run around after. 

And it’s not true. Infact, when you have responsibilities, it’s better to prioritise quality training.

Quality training is with an experienced coach keeping you safe, and ensuring you’re appropriately challenged.

It’s when you exercise effectively, efficiently and you’re in and out of the gym in less than an hour.

A feeling of being well trained, rather than drained, 2-4 times a week.

Sounds more realistic, right?

What about outside of the gym? What else is required, Victoria?

Sustainable Routine 

“The routine I’ve created is sustainable, I’m feeling stronger than ever and still enjoying the food and drink I love.” 

It’s clear to us, after supporting well over a thousand Glasgow residents with their weight loss, that a sustainable routine is the cornerstone of progress.

In short, and quite simply, if you can’t stick to it…you won’t.

Rather than relying on our library full of sports science textbooks for the answer, we favour a common sense approach to ensuring people like Victoria (and yourself) enjoy your newfound fitness routine.

Quite simply, that means promoting flexibility so you can make progress whilst still enjoying food and drink you love, just like Victoria did. 

Cheers to that.



“I put a lot of my success down to accountability.”

Accountability is having someone (or a team of people) to share your ups and downs with. Someone that helps hatch an alternative path if the one you’re on isn’t quite right.

In our experience, the best form of accountability is a coach to support you. 

But, and this is an ‘but’, a coach can only do so much.

They can show you the way, but they can’t do it for you.

Victoria has done (and continues to do) the hard work.

We couldn’t be more proud of Victoria for her consistency and dedication over the past year, and can’t wait to see where the next 12 months takes her.

If you’d like results like Victoria and feel that high quality training, a sustainable routine and supportive coaches would be beneficial, then book a quick call below:

(No high pressure sales tactics, just a chat to find our more about you and to figure out if we’re the right fit for you.)

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