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IGP 002 : Nutrition & Lifestyle Considerations for the Menstrual Cycle, What It Takes To Get On Stage & #AntiFoodPorn with Dan Mitchell


In this episode Ross Stewart catches up with Dan Mitchell, of Dan Mitchell Fitness.

Dan’s contributed pretty extensively to the Shredded By Science Academy & within Lift The Bar’s group.

He’s a top bloke with a helluva lot to offer the industry when it comes to changing bodies.

He’s also (perhaps a little weirdly…only joking, Dan) very knowledgable in the area of nutrition when it comes to female’s menstrual cycles, which is an area we see a lot of females struggling in.

Check out the link below to hear us discuss a range of topics, including:

– Nutrition and lifestyle considerations around the menstrual cycle;

– Three unusual pieces of advice to help make that time of the month more comfortable and less disruptive;

– What it takes to get on a bodybuilding/physique stage and why it’s probably not a good idea for the majority of people;

– #AntiFoodPorn and why making your diet practical and convenient is just as important as making it tasty and experimental;

Big thanks to Dan for giving up his Tuesday night to blether to us.

Here’s a link to the video version of this episode:

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