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IGP 009: How To Avoid, Manage & Overcome Niggly Injuries with Jonny Kilpatrick from Physio Effect

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🎙 Episode 009 is LIVE 🎙

Ross & Ally sit down with Jonny from Physio Effect and discuss a range of topics including:

– The most common injuries Jonny deals with;

– How to best prevent injuries from occurring in the first place;

– Why you should think about the way you move even outside of the gym;

– Why it’s better to go private with physio rather than waiting on lengthy NHS waiting lists;

This is a really solid episode that’ll benefit anyone from someone who doesn’t exercise but experiences back pain, to someone who does a bit of running now and then, to regular gym goers, athletes and Personal Trainers.

Massive thanks to Jonny for giving up a few hours of his afternoon to come hang with us and talk shop.

…and apologies for Ally periodically ruining your sheets 😂😂😂

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