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Kieran Smith Moves to 8-0 as a Professional

Great night for Kieran Smith last Thursday night at Glasgow’s Radisson Blu Hotel.
He stopped another undefeated opponent in under a minute and all but guaranteed a title fight in his next outing.Smithy’s fought 8 times in his first year as a professional, which is mental considering he had operations on both of his knees and was pretty much unable to box for 2 months.It was hard work for him fighting his first 6 fights with near excruciating pain in his knees, to the extent that he was unable to run or really train his lower body.

Then came the post-op rehab where he hobbled into the gym with two knee braces on going through full sessions in a seated position.

Over time, he’s been able to push the boat out more and he’s now in a position where he’s stronger and more athletically capable than ever.

Most athletes are renowned for their work ethic, but Smithy takes the biscuit.

“Gimme 6 reps.”

He’ll do 8.

“I think you should take the night off training and recover.”

Text comes through: “Just done an hour on the airdyne.”

The future’s bright for him and we’re excited to play a tiny a part in it.

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