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Lee’s Lost a Legendary 5 Stone in 14 months


Lee’s Lost a Legendary 5 Stone in 14 months

When we first spoke, Lee was unhappy with the direction his life was heading.

He was approaching his mid-40’s and after losing his dad far too early to ill-health, he wanted to turn his life around to ensure he didn’t meet a similar fate.

In little over a year, he’s transitioned from fearing a heart-attack and being intimidated by gyms to becoming one of our most consistent performers.

He’s lost over 5 stone, learned how to lift properly and has turbo-charged his strength as a result.

He’s now ditched his car in favour of a bike for his work commute and he’s growing a glorious set of guns in the process.

He also punched a boxing bag clean off our wall, completing his journey from intimidated to intimidating (even if only for a split-second).

Below, Lee shares the simple and effective lessons he’s learnt from his life changing fat loss journey so far:

“Patience is the key. When you average out what I lost over the first year it was a pound a week.”

The amount of weight Lee has lost!

Lee has his patient pants on. Do you?

In our experience most people do not. 

They want quick fixes, they fly out the traps far too fast…

They then struggle keeping up with the pace they set and they crash and burn, ending up in a worse place than they started despite their hard work and effort.

Instead, as Lee has embodied, looking long term and losing “a pound a week” compounds to massive progress given enough time.

Patience is important, but you have to add consistency to the mix to get results.

Lee has a lesson for that too:

Sustainability over extremes = long-term success & enjoyability

“Slimming clubs are all about big weight losses, but doing it the way I have is a more sustainable approach. Because I’m not starving myself, it’s also a great lifestyle change.”

Lee changed his lifestyle to one that was sustainable and got him results. He then stuck to it and continued chip, chip, chipping away at his goal.

That’s why at Improve we promote sensible (and simple) nutrition habits. It means Improvers make can progress while still eating and drinking stuff they enjoy.

And Lee echoes this advice:

Don’t think you have to stop eating nice food – I still eat a takeaways”.

Sounds better than the quick-fix boomerang, eh?

Don’t get it twisted, fat loss isn’t sunshine and lollipops.

Lee has been through periods of uncertainty where he’s caught himself wondering if he’s on the right track.

He names these “crises of confidence” (which the author has stolen), and we’ve seen them often over the years at Improve.

Learning from his own experience, Lee offers a solution:


Support and accountability

“…the coaches provide continuous encouragement and belief to spur me on.”

It’s fairly obvious having someone to support you makes reaching goals infinitely easier.

As Lee alluded to, every day won’t be easy, and a coach (better yet, a team of coaches) in your corner can be the golddust that keeps you on track. 

Self-doubt, or Lee’s patented ‘crisis of confidence’, is inevitable along the way.

“Am I losing weight quickly enough?”

“Am I losing weight too quickly?”

“Is the track I’m on the one I even want to be on?”

Getting inside your own head and allowing the devil on your shoulder to sabotage your progress is as common as gym-bros not putting their dumbbells away.

A coach will serve as a sounding board for your doubt and insecurity.

They’ll lean on their experience to help you through the rough patch and help guide you through a pivot, if you both agree that’s what’s necessary.

After all, the goal you started out with won’t be your goal forever; as we’re finding with Lee now that he’s moving to a more muscle gain focused period.

It’s an honour for us to be in Lee’s corner.

We’re proud of his effort, consistency, dedication and drive so far.  And we’re excited to support him in the next phase of his journey.

We’d love to see you reach your goals too.

Plus, if you made it this far we’ll assume you’re serious about making a change.

Take the first step towards the new and improved version of yourself…

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