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Our Lorna’s Lost 7kg in 48 Days :)


Our Lorna is smashing the ball out of the park at the moment.


She’s lost a stone in just under 7 weeks, which now places her in the lower weight category for her sport; Olympic weightlifting.

Lemme tell ye, it’s not been easy for her.

Lorna, much like every other female in the world, throws frequent wobblies about her weight fluctuations and loses her shit when she has an off-day in the gym.

I’m sure she’ll not mind me saying that she’s generally quite hard on herself.

But, we’ve got her back and she’s flying.

With her own hard work and our daily accountability and support, she’s nailed it.

Now just time to tick over, maintain and them smash her comp.

Here’s what Lorna had to say:

“My goal for the challenge was to finally address my diet, lose some of the padding I’d put on since injuring my elbow at the start of the year, and get below 75kg so I could get out of being the smallest one in the heavyweight class with its uncapped upper weight threshold and compete against girls my own size.

Today I can say I’ve done it 😀

Doesn’t mean I can take the foot off the gas, but I feel great for achieving my goal, dropping 7kg so far and breaking a lot of the bad habits I’d developed.

Muchos gracias to Ross, Ally and Rachel for the training, and also to the boss for deciding a challenge was just what he, and ultimately I, needed.

Onwards and upwards!”

*Insert love heart here*

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