Muscle Soreness: Overcoming The Dreaded ‘DOMS’


Muscle soreness is a pretty much unavoidable (and highly annoying) part of the training process.

It’s called the delayed onset of muscle soreness…or DOMS, for short.

They’re going to rear their ugly head when you first start a new program or when you change your program/exercise method.

Your muscles simply won’t be used to the stimulus and they’re going to react by being a little bit tender.

It could make stairs and toilets a bit of a mission…but it will get better.

Go for walks between workouts, force yourself to move around, stretch a little and get back in for your following sessions.

As much as you’ll start off feeling like the tin man, you’ll feel more loose after your warm up and right as rain half way through your session.

By the time you finish you’ll forget what was sore in the first place.

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