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Nutrition: Nail The Basics First


Nutrition isn’t difficult.

It’s confusing, but it’s not hard.

First, look to nail the basics:

1. Have something to eat for breakfast – even if it’s just a protein shake and a banana.

Skipping breakfast isn’t the end of the world, in fact it can sometimes even help aid weight loss…but, at the start, it’s important to have something.

It’ll stop you reaching for pastries and the like at 10am in work.

2. Aim for 3-4 meals per day.

You don’t need to snack much in between, you don’t need desert and you don’t need biscuits with your tea.

Wrap that at the start and then you can re-introduce those decadencies once you’re in control of your own weight loss process.

Keeping the junk in from the start makes your chances of success a lot slimmer than they could be.

3. Worry about quality before you worry about quantity.

You know what foods are healthy and what foods aren’t. I won’t believe you if you tell me you don’t.

Focus on eating those foods – they’re very hard to over eat. Where as, stuff like ice cream and cakes are all to easy to indulge in.

Once you’re in the habit of having breakfast, eating set meals through the day, refraining from the ‘naughty stuff’* and eating the foods you know are healthy then you can start getting ‘geeky’.

You can look at counting calories and experiment with different nutrition strategies to find which one you find most enjoyable, easiest to stick to and most effective for your goal.

But, without strong foundations the house will crumble.

So nail the basics, enjoy the results that come with them and then up the ante once you’re ready.

*Most of the time…no one wants to be a food monk/nun.

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