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What is Semi-Private Personal Training?


‘Semi-Private’ is a term that’s creeped into the mainstream fitness industry in the UK over the past year or two.


It seems to be a lot more familiar with the Yankedoodles, but not so much with us Scots.

We all know what Personal Training is.

You hire a trainer and that trainer trains you on a 1-to-1 basis. Your programming is looked after, your goals are considered and you guys have a rare old time together.

But it can be pricey, and that means a lot of people will train with their trainer once or twice per week.

That’s cool for those who are super-busy and can only commit to a few hours exercise per week.

And also for those who have bags of motivation to workout outside of their 1-to-1 sessions.

But most people struggle to match the same levels of intensity and motivation during the other 2-3x per week when they workout on their own. (If they even manage to do those sessions at all.)

This makes it difficult for them to make the progress they’d like to make.


This is where Semi-Private Personal Training comes in.

There’s up to 4 people training in the same session under one coach’s guidance.

The low number of people in the session allows the coach to individualise the program for each of them based on their ability levels, their fitness levels and also just generally their confidence in their surroundings.

It means that seasoned gym goers can workout alongside people who’ve never even been in a gym before and get just as good a workout, without feeling like they’re doing less.

As well as the newer person not feeling like they’re going to die!!

(Assuming the coach is actually a good at coaching.)

The banter flows better, people feel more supported as they’ve got other people cheering them on, as well as their coach.

And, the piece de la resistance…

It’s a helluva lot cheaper than 1-to-1 Personal Training.

Generally speaking, you can workout 3-4x per week for a similar price to what you’d pay for one 1-to-1 session per week.

That means you’ve got 3-4x the amount of potential for progress.

3-4x the amount of time to be positively influenced by your coach(es).

3-4x the amount of time working on the movements you’re no doubt going to find tough at the start, which means you’ll acquire the skill 3-4x quicker.


The other benefit of Semi-Private is the flexible nature of the timetable.

At Improve Glasgow, we’ve got over 10 time slots per week dedicated to Semi-Private.

That means that you can mix and match your session times on a weekly basis to make sure they suit your schedule/lifestyle.

You can workout in the mornings before work, the evenings after work or a mix and match between mornings, evenings and even a Saturday morning too.

And, just because we’re so incredibly cool, our Semi-Private members also get access to our large group ‘Team Training’ sessions, of which we have up to 3 sessions per day.

That means that regardless of what your schedule is like, you can mould it around our timetable of sessions.


Now, as much as I’m bigging it up, there are some people Semi-Private just doesn’t work too well with.

If someone suffers from a chronic injury (or injuries) then it’s usually better for them to have the full attention of a coach.

Likewise, if someone’s a total social hand-grenade (which thankfully no one in our place is) then they’re obviously not going to do too well with other people around them.

Others who don’t suit Semi-Private are people with messy work schedules and unusual shift patterns. The session times can often be unsuitable and this makes 1-to-1 a better option due to the more flexible nature of the appointment times.

But apart from individuals with circumstances like those just mentioned, Semi-Private Personal Training is the sweet spot between 1-to-1 Personal Training and group training.


If you’re interested in getting involved in our Semi-Private Personal Training program, click the link below, fill in the super-quick form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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