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Teaching You How To Squat | Episode 001 | The Improve Glasgow Show

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Teaching You How To Squat

Episode 001 of The Improve Glasgow Show

In this episode we look at the squat, discuss what most commonly goes wrong with it and talk about how to fix it.

The show was only supposed to be 5-7mins long (which future episodes will be), but I got a bit carried away with this one.

It’ll definitely clear up some stuff with regards to squat variations and help you with when/how to progress.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s going on at what time throughout the video:

0:10: Welcome to The Improve Glasgow Show
1:37: The 3 most common things that go wrong in the squat
3:02: High box squat, low box squat & goblet box squat
5:52: Bodyweight squats, TRX squats & goblet squats
8:17: How to set up a squat rack, barbell box squat, barbell back squat
12:34: Anderson squats
14:52: How to progress your back squat
15:43: The importance of not getting ahead of yourself
16:20: Thanks for watching

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