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Which Side Are You On?


I always seem to train better through winter.

No idea why – although it’s probably because I like doing the opposite of what most people do.

Most people train hard in the lead up to summer, watch their diet and get in better shape. Then when the cold weather and the short days roll around they take their foot off the gas, put on their baggy clothes and hide under their layers.

As much as I love a winter jumper and jacket combo, I like to know I still look good underneath them.

Last night, I deadlifted for the first time in a while.

I got up to 162.5kg for 2 reps…and there was probably another 10-15kg in the tank, but the program said 2 reps so I moved on.

I reckon I’ll get the trap bar up to about 200kg over the next few months, and probably beat last years’ personal record of 165kg on the straight bar too.

(Not amazing for your average powerlifter, but good for little ol’ me.)

‘Nuff about me.

Most people wind down now.

They choose to go home after work, sit on the couch with a hot a cuppa, a plate of biscuits and rifle through box set after box set.

January rolls around and hits them like a footlong kipper.

They get a bolt of realisation and spring into action. But it never seems to be because they want to make change, and rather they feel as if they should make a change.

So January never really goes too well, in my experience.

February and March is where the magic really happens and people commit to change pre-summer.

Anyway, I digress.

Whilst the masses are going to let themselves go over the next few months, I’m going to break my own records. (Mostly because I like being different and a little controversial too.)

But I get shit done whilst others chill.

And I think it’d be amazing if you did the same.

I want you to go into the festive period feeling strong, confident and empowered so that when January rolls around you’re already on track towards your goals – whatever they may be.

Alas, I understand you may be reading this and not really sure where to start. Or maybe you’re off and running but not going anywhere fast.

So I’m going to fire some really simple tips your way to help you out:

1. Focus on ‘big movements’ – squats, deadlifts, pushes and pulls

There’s a million variations of each of those ‘categories’, so don’t pigeon hole yourself into just one of them.

Play about with different movements and figure out which ones you feel most comfortable and safest with.

Then start to load the weight up, once your technique is on point.

2. Get your heart rate up

Jog, sprint, cycle, do bodyweight circuits, lift weights fast for lots of reps.

Anything, just get hot and sweaty.

3. Focus on ‘healthy’ foods

I kinda hate myself for using that term as there’s no real ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’ food.

I mean, broccoli is amazingly healthy, but eat 2 kilos of broccoli and you’re going to be in some trouble.

Cake is traditionally ‘unhealthy’ but a slice of cake every other week isn’t going to kill you, is it?

For the purpose of this message, eat the foods you know are healthy:

Fruit, veggies, meats, eggs, potatoes, rice, etc.

4. Cut down on the shite

Cakes, biscuits, pizza, ice cream, beer, wine, takeaways, etc.

Just eat like a responsible adult.

5. Don’t go overboard at the weekend

I get that you’re off work and your routine is out the window.

That shouldn’t give you licence to totally undo all the progress you made during the week.

That’ll do.

Apply those simple tips and you’ll be well on your way.

And if you need a hand with any of them, you know who to call…


Just kidding.

Shoot me an email at: and I’ll do my best to help you out.



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